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ocd progress...or not?

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I feel like I'm maaaaybe making a little bit of progress with my OCD thoughts/habits...then again, maybe not. They are not interfering with my life as much as they used to. But I am away from home on vacation, and home is always where my OCD is at its worst. So maybe it will get a lot worse when I go home on Monday.


My current technique (and the first technique that has ever seemed to work well) it telling myself, when the urge to do a compulsion strikes, "I will do it later"...... My fear it that this may be sort of a compulsive ritual in itself. I don't know what else to do though. I can't deal with the anxiety if I tell myself I will eventually stop doing compulsions. I really don't see how I could possibly live without them, even though at the same time I hate them for wasting my time. I have been doing this because I am staying with friends and family, and I don't want them to see how out of hand my compulsive behaviors have gotten.


it definitely feels like it is all bubbling under the surface, though..... I cant even imagine life without this. some of my earliest memories involve OCD. I don't know how I would get my mind to feel manageable, how I would deal with life, without it. so when I tell myself to do it (the compulsion) later, the obsessive thoughts are still there, I've just sort of procrastinated on "getting rid" of them via compulsion. but the truth is they don't really fade.


I don't know if this is actually helpful or productive. it kind of feels a lot like a new compulsion to me......

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Delaying the action once you notice an urge is a totally valid strategy. You can just put it off.


There's no reason that it has to be a new compulsion.


It may just be a useful strategy.

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