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Twitching, but only when touched, therefore not hypnic jerks?

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Hi everyone.


I have a problem with twitching that is driving me and my partner crazy. The weird thing is the twitching only occurs when my partner is touching me - if she sleeps on the opposite edge of the bed with a decent gap between us, I fall asleep completely normally, no twitching at all.


Our preference for sleeping is together in the 'spooning' position, and for the first couple of minutes this is the most blissful sleep. Then I get a small twitch, and if I try to ignore it then the next one is bigger/stronger, and so it goes to the point that I can almost bounce my partner out of bed! So more often we snuggle till the first twitch and then I have to roll over.


Googling around, all I can find is information about 'hypnic jerks'. The suggestion seems to be that those are diet and stress related, and in fact I've experienced these on odd occasions during my life and they're quite different, usually occurring with sort of dream about falling. The twitching I'm talking about here comes with no hallucination, and can be triggered by something as little as knowing my partner's toe is touching my foot. Sometimes I am even aware a few seconds ahead that it is 'building'.


It all seems to suggest something psychological in origin rather than biological? That said, I can be fast asleep and if she touches me the twitches start even without me consciously knowing she is touching me.


Anyone else experience this, and do you know of a method for preventing or easing it?


Thanks in advance :)

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