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Well, I have had ADHD since I was about 5 and been taking Adderall everyday since then. Since then I have been switched to Adderall XR. I am taking a dose of about 30mg. If I happen to accidentally take two of them one morning, what would happen? I don't plan on doing it, I have just been wandering about this for a while now.

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You'll just get either the jitters.....Euphoric or just not really noticing much but not being able to sleep....In the past I would take two 20mg Add XR and I just got very talkitive......I'm not saying do this and our bodies are different. But there really isn't anything we can see on your behalf.......I'm not a doctor and if you are concerned that you have or maybe one day in the future will make the mistake. Call a hospital and ask to speak to a nurse.......Get you a pill despencer even tho there a lot. It will save you from worrying whether you double dosed or not.

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