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Zyprexa, weight gain, and Metformin

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Metformin didn't do anything for my weight, so I decided to stop it.

I thought it lessened my appetite but the scale never changed.  Since stopping Meformin i have actually lost 8 pounds just by not eating anymore desserts like cookies and such.

Metformin also lowers your B12 so you should take a supplement.  My hair started to fall out :(

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Research says metformin + food journal/log are the two most effective ways to reduce AAP associated weight gain.


Food journal/log was effective on its own without the metformin. It's a PITA, but it works.


Does your doctor's office have a nutritionist or dietician that you can work with? A lot of clinics have them as a free service.

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Metformin hasn't done anything for me, but I still take it to keep my blood sugar in check. Haven't lost one pound on it for the year I've been taking it. But it does help others. Give it a try maybe, it could work for you.

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