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Sudden onset of PMS or did I always have it and didn't differentiate it from depression?

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I'm sorry, this may be garbled, I'm pretty out of it.


I'm looking to see if anyone has had any experience with sudden onset of PMS after they've been medicated.


I've been generally feeling better, being treated for BP with lamictal and zoloft daily with propranolol when needed.


I never thought I suffered from PMS. I've had more than one past SO remark that I never changed temperaments before my cycle started. However, I've gone from "not getting PMS" to falling into a pit of despair every cycle for the past several months. I can't tell if I actually had PMS all along before I was being effectively treated and my depression levels were so bad that I didn't feel any differently when I had PMS or if I never had PMS before now and I'm getting nailed by it now that I'm maturing.


I'm not talking about getting cranky or teary, I'm talking about severe depression. 


I don't take any hormonal BC and my cycles were a bit out of whack last year. Not always, but they've been a bit odd. It's a bit early for perimenopause. 


I had a blood panel not too long ago and things were fairly normal.


Any thoughts?

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I always thought I had very little PMS.  When I started taking meds, it became pretty apparent that I get hypomanic for 7 - 10 days on PMS. My manic PMS was all mixed up with all the other mania and I didn't notice.  Just anecdotal tho.  

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I don't know your age, but there was a definite turning point for me around when I hit my early 30s, when my hormones seemed to go a little haywire every month and PMS picked up in intensity, to the point of of it possibly becoming PMDD (I haven't addressed this much with my pdoc so I don't actually have a PMDD diagnosis.

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I am going through the same problem. I never had PMS issues until medicated. Everytime I report this to my pdoc all he says is that my meds should take charge of this (but they are actually doing the opposite!)


Lately the mood changes during my menstrual cycle went from having PMS, to feeling horribly depressed and anxious DURING my period and during ovulation. I can almost say when I am ovulating because I feel really bad!!!.

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M@ri, I may have told you the story about screaming at my poor hubby when he accidentally dried my new underwire bras in the dryer...It wasn't pretty!


That was my foot in the door for a PMDD diagnosis, but truth be told, I am sure I was having depressive/anxiety issues before the PMDD diagnosis. It was officially diagnosed when i was about 33. I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case with you as well.


It may take an adjustment in your meds, but you can feel better. BC pills were a huge help along w/Zoloft.


I hope you are feeling better soon. You are such a fabulous human & I always enjoy talking with you.

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Chimanko - Anecdotal is what I'm seeking. I know that no one knows for sure, but I find it valuable to think it's not just me.
I've definitely been anxious, unable to sit still, easily startled, flittering between one thing and another and then... the sadness. Oy
Unstrung Harp - I'm in my late-thirties. Perhaps that is what's happening to me now.
Cookie - I would keep reiterating that the meds haven't addressed your PMS to your doc. I haven't noticed a mood change during ovulation, but that's such a short timeframe that I wonder if I just haven't noticed. Will pay attn next time.
Tammy - Thanks, I like talking with you as well! Yeah, I think I will spend more time talking with my GP about it if this happens next month (I keep saying that). It's difficult to know if it's worse or just apparent now. Man, the bra thing sounds awful. Not just because yelling at your SO must have felt terrible, but the poor bras! Maybe dryers should come with a "NO BRAS ALLOWED" sign on the front of them.
Anyone else have similar experiences?
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i have a suspicion mine has worsened with age.  i just turned 44.  when i was younger my period would often surprise me, because i had no mental or physical indicators it was coming.  now, the week before my period resembles whatever mood state i'm in at the time - times ten.  since i haven't been stable for a long time, i feel like i'm losing my mind.  i don't know what it would be like if i were actually feeling good when PMS hits.


however, hindsight has also taught me that AAPs in particular make this worse for me.  latuda gave me the worst PMS i ever had - bad enough that doctors were starting to want to medicate me for being pre-menopausal because the suicidality was too severe.  turns out, after going off latuda, things went back to regular "terrible" and nobody's talking about possible menopause anymore.


(i'm also prone to developing prolactin side effects on AAPs, don't know if that's related to why things got worse).


it sucks because there's no magic age or test for when you can consider yourself "premenopausal".  it's a period of time that can last ten years or more.  so for everyone it's different.  then when there's existing crazy, it's even harder to tell.  then add medication to the mix and it gets damned near impossible sometimes to know what is what.  i'm sorry you're stuck trying to figure this out.


i could be wrong, but i believe the treatment options are the same regardless of why the PMS is so awful.  i hope you're able to find something that helps, because nobody should have to go through this every month.

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