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My pdoc said that 60mg works better than 40mg for depression, though you could also try adding an antidepressant if they don't negatively effect you by increasing psychosis/causing mania. Latuda and Wellbutrin is a good combination if you can tolerate it...my depression got better on Latuda, then LOADS better when I went back on Wellbutrin along with it. YMMV

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What type of schizoaffective type are you: bipolar or depressive? I believe that Latuda is approved for bipolar depression, but not for major depression. I agree that increasing your Latuda might be the first place to start. As always, talk this over with your doctor. 


If I were you, I'd see if I could get in to see the doctor sooner if I could. Otherwise, I'd give my doctor a call. It's better to nip depression in the bud because the farther down the rat hole you fall, the farther you have to go to climb out of it.

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