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Borderline between what?

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Hey guys so my PDOC tells me i am borderline personality disorder and borderline anti social disorder as well as Schizoaffective and he said that is why i am extremely difficult to treat.


I've tried asking him to explain these but he simply just states the dis order and says they are what they are.


Is this the reason i feel constant compulsion to come off my medication all the time? because of my BPD?


It's just constantly confusing me right now with everything going on

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Don't let the name of a condition confuse you. "Borderline" is kind of a misnomer, in my opinion. In some places BPD is referred to as "Emotionally unstable PD." There's a whole movement toward changing the "Borderline" name. Just don't get hung up on what the word "borderline" is supposed to mean in this context.


You mean your doctor has never explained to you what these disorders are, and which symptoms/traits you exhibit? If he truly hasn't, I would just keep pressing him for an explanation. You deserve to understand why your diagnoses are what they are. I mean, how are you supposed to move toward recovery if you don't even understand which of your thoughts/behaviors/actions/coping mechanisms/etc. are disordered? 


Are you in any kind of therapy? You should discuss this with your therapist as well, in my opinion, if you have one.

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Historically, the "borderline" in BPD comes from being "on the border" of psychosis and neurosis... but that's an out-moded category descriptor. The name has just stuck around.


It might be helpful to ask your pdoc and/or tdoc to go through the diagnostic criteria of each of the diagnoses with you and explain what behaviors, thoughts, emotions, etc you have that fit the diagnostic criteria.


But also, it's important to not get too hung up on the label. It seems that in mental illness, most treatment is aimed at relieving symptoms, regardless of their cause.

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No one on CB knows you, your history, the kind of treatment you are in or how you plan to manage it. I can't tell you why your pdoc thinks you have BPD, I've never met you and I'm not your pdoc.


I get that you have a lot of questions, but you don't seem to be doing any research for yourself, or reading the pinned info at the top of each board, which would answer most of the questions that you ask. In this case, I could link you to the criteria for BPD, or Antisocial PD, but I have done that for other questions on other issues and you seem to continue posting questions which no one here can really answer for you.


If you want to know about borderline personality disorder, there are lots of pinned resources and links. There are lots of threads from newly diagnosed members who probably have had similar experiences. I really recommend reading for yourself because it could help you ask questions that will help you understand. 



oh wait what's this is a completely informative post which has been ignored by the OP that's shocking i'm shocked

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