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Back once again. Poop.

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Hello all.


I've not been here for ages and ages, as things were trundling along kind of ok.  The lamotragine and the ensuing case of the stupids meant I had to drop out of my degree back in the summer. They were also making my life a nightmare (with 5 kids to run after I need to remember where I have to be and when and with what!!) So with permission from my pdoc I stopped them.


Life has carried on but recently (say end of October) I became more and more depressed. I am now suffering with intense intrusive thoughts, often relating to harming myself and/or suicide. I have an appointment with the Pdoc on Tuesday and want to have a couple of suggestions.

I've never had much success with SSRI (Generally ending in mania of one sort or another) I have tried lofepramine which worked great but I was sweating like crazy.  The AED drugs sedate me to the point of coma (well not that bad but nearly) I'm already taking Wellbutrin, Seroquel with Diazepam, tamazepam and zopiclone when needed (quite a lot recently) 


Does anyone have any experience with Doxepin. I can't find a lot of first hand information. (Any first hand information) or perhaps Cymbalta/Duloxetine (again) would help?


Any thoughts gratefully received.



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I was on Cymbalta for depression and it worked pretty well for a while---it just made me a little sleepy.


I'm going to post this and bump your question back up to the top.  I hope other members will respond to your questions.



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I've been on doxepin until recently (albeit at a very low dose) for anxiety. I had virtually no side effects from it once I was stable. Initially I found myself very irritable and more depressed but that wore off thankfully. It did help the anxiety a lot.

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