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After tapering my meds due to a missed pdoc appointment I am now back on 1350 mgs lithium, 200 mgs lamictal and 2 mgs klonopin.  I started taking them again December 28th.  I am still manic and I don't want to add an AP cuz I wake up and there is no food in the house left on seroquel, risperdal gave me akasia after being on it for years and restarting.


Crazymeds says weeks to a year!  I'll never know my level cuz my pdoc doesn't do that and never will and don't say switch pdocs cuz I can't.  I know I am not toxic though, been on this dose for years and have no symptoms of toxicity.


I know lamictal is more of an AD for me, but if I call my pdoc he will want to see me, does no changes over the phone and gas is low and he is 45 monutes away.


Anyone have any suggestions or hope of any kind or am I just doomed to terrify my family?

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Is it possible to take a bus or train to your docs office? Or have a friend or relative drive you?


Your situation sounds a bit tricky and I really think you need to see a doctor. Your insurance company might have a phone number that you call to speak to a nurse. They might be able to give you some ideas for what to do.


I would keep an open mind with regard to APs. They are pretty good for short-term use during mania. They work faster for that purpose than lithium or depakote, IIRC. If you've only tried Seroquel and Risperdal, there are bunch of others, one of which might be more tolerable for you.

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Thank you both.  I am up and down.  I have tried all atypical APs except geodon.  No trains or busses that go there, and I hate my family, so no go there.  Maybe I can sell some of my xmas presents for gas.  Maybe hadol or one of the older APs would help.  Who knows.  I researched a partial hospitalization program not too far away, and at the end it said it was out-of-network for my insurance.  Of couse the one that is 45 minutes away accepts it. 


It probably won't be long until I alienate everyone.  My son goes back to college soon, and I can't wait.  I just want soneone to hear me in my own house, but if I am calm, they don't listen and if I yell, they run away.  I may call crisis tomorrow if I don't feel sane.

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I'm sorry Scatty.  My suggestion would be and AAP, but it sounds like you've travelled that path a few times.  I just know that Zyprexa was a life saver for me.  I did pack on some weight, but I am SO much more stable that I really don't care.  


I hope you find something that works for you!

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