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Geodon: Morning dose makes me feel worse

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Hello Everyone,


I've been prescribed to 80mg of Geodon (40mg in the morning & 40 mg at night). I've been on Geodon in the past and handled it fine, but always took the full dose at night. I think taking it during the day is making my symptoms worse.


I feel lethargic all day long now. I want to go right back to sleep after it kicks in, my motivation to get out of bed & get moving is gone (no matter how much coffee I drink) and it feels like it makes me more psychotic if taken in the morning! It is a similar feeling to taking a sleep aid or cough syrup, but not falling asleep. My body feels like it should be sleeping but because I'm not, I get that trippy, mind racing feeling.


Does anyone else take their Geodon during the day? How does it make you feel throughout the day?


Thank you,


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I take 40mg in the AM and 120mg in the PM. The only thing that helps with the mornings to get me to wake up for me personally is coffee, which I understand doesn't work for you. I have been told its good to take 2x a day because of a short half life? other than that I have heard of a lot of people taking it all at night.


I have been stabilized on Geodon since my IP stay, a couple of months ago. The morning dose does not make me feel worse at all. Maybe it's not the right med for you, or perhaps you just need to take it all at night.


Do you eat when you take your doses in AM and PM?

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Thank you all for your responses!


I went to my pdoc and we switched to taking it all night. I feel MUCH BETTER!!! I was just curious what other people have felt when they take it during the day because it was quite a trippy feeling... Haha. But thanks again everyone!!!



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