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Anxiety over anxiety?

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Am I the only one who gets scared wondering whether their physical symptoms of anxiety and panic are really that or if it's a sign that something is wrong in their body? 

Example: Tingling of/ pain in extremities or a headache turns into "Oh my God! I'm having a heart attack or a stroke!"

I feel like I'm getting bad again from the lack of benzos (long story as to why I can't be on them anymore). It's so frustrating because the sensations are so real and intense but in reality my mind is just overreacting.

Please tell me that I am not the only one that has this issue.

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Am I the only one who gets scared wondering whether their physical symptoms of anxiety and panic are really that or if it's a sign that something is wrong in their body? 

Example: Tingling of/ pain in extremities or a headache turns into "Oh my God! I'm having a heart attack or a stroke!"


I feel like this is the bulk of my anxiety. So, yes, I can definitely relate and I do think it is very common. My first panic attack was because I thought I was having a heart attack, but turned out to be symptoms of high anxiety. Even now I still obsess over physical symptoms from my anxiety turning into or being something real and severe. It's exhausting.

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I've known a couple of people who have ended up at the doctor's office or ER thinking they were having a heart attack, when it was panic.

Yep. My first really bad anxiety attack, when I was 14, landed me in the ER because I thought I was having a heart attack, and it was terrifying. The nurses and doctors thought I had overdosed or was super high on drugs or something, so they stuck me in the wrist to take some kind of blood gas test or something, which just freaked me out more. I remember watching how fast my heart rate was on the monitor and watching it would make me more anxious so that it would only go higher. Ugh, what a shitty time. It took quite a bit of Valium to calm me down that night. 

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    • By MisterMelancholy
      I got in a massive fight with some well liked people at school last friday and everyone saw it so everyone hates me now and I was suspended for today. I don't know if I ever wanna go back since everyone hates me now. Everyone keep insisting to but it's a death sentence. Everyone will pester me for the rest of my life and I'll eventually get into another fight. What do I do? Do I go to school? How can I control my massive anger and impulsivity?
      It feels like Mel Gibson has become my spirit animal.
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      Respectful greetings, fellow crazies.
      I've recently ramped-up on Wellbutrin: 150mg for 6 days and then 300mg for 12 days (18 days total). Overall it's slightly helping the multitude of mental illnesses I have (TRD, "Pure" OCD, other stuff).
      However. About 7 days after hitting 300mg Wellbutrin I started experiencing incredibly intense anxiety primarily (physically shaking, gut-churning, mind-racing, skin-crawling kind). I also started feeling erratic, intense irritability and even anger - (verbally) lashing out at my kids and other unpleasant out-of-character behaviour.
      I've seen anxiety from Wellbutrin reported 100's of times before but I couldn't find information on how to combat it. This is because normally people just stop taking it (which makes eminent sense) but that's not an option for me since I'm 23 years TRD (including resistance to ECT, dTMS and Ketamine) and this is one of the last combos left. In other words I'm beyond desperate to give it every chance of working that I humanly can.
      I'm now gonna blurt out my questions and suggestions and hope that some of you can identify or comment from your own experience:
      I have some Valium left over and taking that does take the edge off of the severe emotions. However taking benzo's long-term is generally undesirable, hence has anyone taken a non-benzo adjunct/augmenting med that actually helps tone down the insane anxiety? If so, what was it? how long did the intense anxiety last for those who experienced it? 2 weeks? a month? until you stopped the med? did anyone have success in simply reducing dose back to 150mg or even lower? Did you find 150mg sufficient to lift your mood? I'm on 300mg XL as of today (was on 2x150mg XL 'til now). Have folks had different experiences (anxiety-wise) with the IR or SR versions? E.g. would switching to 3xIR be an avenue worth chasing? any other relevant insights or experiences would also be most welcome. May the Gods of mental health be with you,
    • By Dewey
      Went to my HMO for the first time since my former primary mistreated me.  Everytime I would drive up to the building I could not go inside as a panic attack would hit me.
      Made it thru selecting new glasses, but wanted to run out of there, was having shortness of breathe. 
      Then made it thru pharmacy to pick up scripts and lastly made it thru a flu shot. 
      The Zyprexa is dampening down the run-away anxiety/panic/agoraphobia so far and I found myself very much in the present moment.
      I was soo proud of myself for making it thru the day  
    • By Dewey
      This is what I go thru every day from the moment I wake up: anxiety throughout the day, uncontrollable anxiety and panic only when I leave my home, dissociation in times of high stress and high anxiety and panic, insomnia every night, daily depression, scary cycling mood swings.
      My psych doc called me on a Saturday afternoon (now this doc is semi-retired and only works 3 days a week now). I was shocked when I saw his name come up on caller ID.  He was calling to suggest I go into the hospital until I become stabilized.  Stabilized in one week, no way I say.  It's gonna take time for that to happen.  He said with the dissociation and everything else I am going thru on a daily basis he is worried I might self harm.  I assured him I am not at that point and he knows that I call him when I need to go back in, plus I have a new kitten and don't want anyone in my home anyway. I think I can manage all this at home.  I will be seeing him on Tuesday.  That was soo out of character for him to call me like that, kinda got my attention and am I worse off then I realize.  I have known him for 30+ years and he knows me well, so I have to trust his direction. His concern is that I am in the middle of a perfect storm and anything can happen and he worries that if anything triggers me I might not be able to control what happens to me.
      Then several neighbors stopped by to see if I was okay as they have not seen me last week, curtains have remained closed, not answering phones nor texts.  I know I have been avoiding alot of neighbors now as I am selectively avoiding those that trigger me and those that knocked on my door I call them "the axis of terror" for what they have been known to do to other people here. So, I had their phones on block.  I have been protecting myself while I work on medication and mood and it's nobody's business. 
      Had a game of RummyKub set up for this evening and really looked forward to this all week, and everyone just canceled, really bummed about that.
      I have had no interest in bath, washing my hair, eating.  I can't focus on TV, can't read, nor listen to my book tapes. No interest in anything, I am soo flooded with anxiety/panic.
      My HMO has restricted how many benzos I take, I have been on Klonopin for 30 years and that takes the edge off, but have to stock pile them due to the restrictions and delays in getting the medication to me, so had to cut back and that makes my anxiety worse.
      So, back to my psych doc.  The plan is to keep me on Seroquel (1/2 of a 25 mg) at night for sleep and for mood control for now during the day until I see him next week.  It just sedates me too much if I take more than 1/2 of 25 mg in a 24 hour period.  But the Seroquel puts the breaks on mood cycling, I just can't tolerate the side effects, they never go away, just increase.
      So, I am going to suggest to him for sleep (I want to get off Seroquel due to over sedation and muscle rigidity), Ambien or Trazodone.  I read up that Trazodone helps with insomnia, panic, migraine.  Then I need a mood stabilizer/seizure medication so may go back on Depakote and Xanax for rescue from intense anxiety/panic.  I don't want to go back on Lithium. 
      Goal for the day, making my bed and taking a bath, maybe washing my hair.
    • By spacedoggs
      i have hated my dad for as long as i can remember. i hate him for many reasons. he has been verbally abusive towards me for my entire life, in the past he has denied that i have any mental illnesses, but now he does believe in them. however, he thinks i am the reason i have mental illnesses. i feel that i can not speak freely when i am around him. i have begun to have violent thoughts whenever i think about him. 
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