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Lamtical v's sodium valproate

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Just wondering who had tried both of these and the results? Is one better for wight gain? One less likely to cause solomness/sedation?

I've just started on Epilim for Bipolar but I don't want any weight/appitite gain or sedation as I spend most of my life feeling exhausted, apathetic and depressed (except for my hypomanias/mixed times)

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I didn't experience sedation or weight gain with either.


Anyway, here are my experiences [but as usual, your mileage may vary].


Sodium valproate

PROS: did very well to quell any hypomania, nice lavender-coloured tablets. 

CONS: did not help with steadying my moods when I was depressed, dropped my white blood cell count. 

NEUTRAL: regular blood tests for levels - once every three months for a year. 



PRO: mood-lifting properties so it helped my depression.

CONS: slow titration, tastes terrible. 

NEUTRAL: small white tablets, not as colourful as sodium valporate. 


Personally I found lamotrigine more helpful for me, but I tend towards the depressive end. I have heard it can be a little activating if you're prone to hypomania/mania. 

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What does titration mean?


When you are trying to find the correct dose for you, you titrate up or down, to see how a different level affects you.



I can only speak for lamictal, but it is weight neutral for me and really balances my mood well.  I take the ODT (disintegrating) kind, because I gag when swallowing the regular pills.

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Ahh ok I see :)

Thanks for your input. I have only tried it breifly (had to stop ALL meds after a bad OD) and never went back on it, so thinking I am liking the sound of it more than Epilim as I am REALLY stressed about weight/apitite gains and I am reading a lot that lamtical is across the board more weight neutral than Epilim...

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