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Feeling off (is it another psychosis?)

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A bit about me. Four years ago I had a psychotic break and was immediately diagnosed with schizophrenia. I have been ok since then, no other symptoms, have been able to hold a full-time job and no one would have a clue. My family and everyone is in complete denial I have this, including me but sometimes it creeps up on me like yesterday and today.


Extreme irritability and anger. Just because my grandmother instructed me to bring her a bowel of weetabix. She asked me to put sugar in it and then asked me to wash the dishes and I couldn't help myself. The problem is she keeps asking me to do stuff for her. I have no control over my anger with her. I have no problem with other people especially strangers. Its just family members.


My grandmother is depressed constantly talks about why god won't take her, and I just told my mum sometimes I wish she was dead. I can't believe I said that for the first time today. And I can't stop crying. I have been feeling off for two days now.


Is this a psychotic episode?


I also have problems making decisions and concentration is poor. I feel so tired and exhaused from all this crying.

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i can relate with those anger feelings towards relatives. I don't know why, but if i'm ever angry it's on my relatives, nevery angry on strangers. I don't think this is psychosis, more like an underlying psichological patterns, especially if you're being treated with an antipsychotic which you should given the fact that you have schizophrenia

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You are really lucky you are able to handle a job. Concerning your Grandma I am living a similar situation with my mother, who tells me to do stuff.

Are you able to tell her "No" to some of the stuff she tells you to do? Can you decide in which things to help her and which things not?

In my case it is difficult to say no because my mother supports me financially, is this your case?


I don´t think anger means necesarilly psychosis. I had anger years before I really went psychotic

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