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It takes some time like anyother anti-depressant.  But all drug induced psychosis comes back sooner or later.  It's mostly a pre-disposition and an association, not that the drug made you that way.  If the drug made people crazy then all who use it would have the issue.  Most people don't go crazy from using it, just those who really are.

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well here is my story... I was hospitalized a year ago because I was psychotic and since then been on antipsychotics, I was using pot during that month that I was psychotic but if I remember correctly I didnt smoke the day I became psychotic.

I was thinking maybe my psychosis was cannabis induced and that I can come off meds but I dont know...

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You really have to work that out with your doctor, revv. Nobody here can say for certain what is going on with you. I do encourage you to avoid cannabis from now on because cannabis and mental illness just don't mix well.


Edit: I can say that cannabis can trigger psychotic disorders in people who have the predisposition.

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Have you spoken with your doctor about your pot use during that time? If not, you should definitely ask them about this. It's a complex issue and very individual. But even if pot did initially trigger a psychotic break, I have no idea if that would mean it wouldn't happen again on its own without provocation. 

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It could be permanent, I would tell your doctor your story and he might let you off the meds for awhile to see if your symptoms come back. I had a similar situation to you but turns out mine is most likely permanent (hospitalized twice now).  If it is only your first episode, your doctor may let you go off them eventually. There's always a risk of re-hospitalization when you go off your meds, but your doctor may give you the ok with caution.

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Not smoking pot usually made me psychotic.  I would get angery and overwhelmed.  I would search elsewhere for relief and sometimes that was having visions.  If the strain you were smoking changed, that could do it.  Some strains like indica's are more anti-psychotic and some are powerful (sativa's) at inducing psychosis.  It's all subcon activity that is normally repressed by biochemcials.  PSychotic people have metabolism issues with these biochems.  Using drugs to treat an illness is like putting a cat in a bag, once it's out it's hard to put back...what I find with anything drug related from what I've witnessed.  It's best to find a legal drug and stay with that routine.  So many problems with staying on an illegal drug.  Once brain waves start getting out of their usual rythm, it's hard to find peace finding a new rythm and sticking with those.  

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Are you claiming that MJ can treat psychosis? Because it doesn't. And I'm not someone prone to scolding you for using cannabis. I used it for 7 years for migraine when I was in CA. And took courses in preparation for participating in the cannabis industry.


I have never, ever, ever heard of psychoses being treated with cannabis.  If there are peer-reviewed papers to support your claim, that have come out recently, I would love to see them.

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Psychosis is not from cannabis IMO.  Is it because cannabis makes you crazy? Or is there just a lot of crazy folks smoking cannabis?  You can have dysphoria from pot.  Like a high that exacerbates your worst symptoms.  Paranoia for example may increase in pot high usage especially those people prone to MI.  I know I been there.  There are plenty of anti pot people out there and I am here to tell you that the plant has done more good for humans than the dangerous prohibition stuck with drug trafficking.  Pot has real benefits.  I don't experience symptoms when I smoke must be because I have been real stable for a long time.  And for you crtclms, there is literature out there that supports cannabidiol a constituent of the all evil cannabis plant known to have similar benefits to zyprexa.  Yes sylvan what I am saying matches with reality.  Google is your friend.  Anti psychotic cannabis look it up :)  

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I'm not trying to take this up as my own personal cause, but I just want to ask--

If THC does not effect everyone in the same way (ie worsening psychosis) BUT cannabidiol helps anxiety and psychosis, doesn't it stand to reason that cannabis is helpful/a legitimate treatment for SOME people?


I just think that given the wide variation in different strains means that cannabis is much like any other drug. Sure, for a lot of people it sucks...just like how Wellbutrin can dramatically exacerbate some people's anxiety, but it helps plenty of other people. A drug having bad effects in one population doesn't mean it isn't helpful for others, right?


I'm not saying that everyone should go out and smoke a doobie to get relief from their anxious and/or psychotic symptoms, but to me it seems unscientific and oversimplifying to stop the discussion at "weed makes you psychotic" without allowing for any of the potential positive effects to be discussed. There are plenty of us who find it helpful who just keep quiet when these types of topics get posted, because we don't want to piss anyone off, but I know from my experience in chat and in backchannel that there are many of us on this site who have found cannabis helpful for our symptomology or who, at the very least, do not experience any deleterious side effects.


Of course, this would be an easier problem to solve if the USA allowed for rigorous scientific research into the health effects of cannabis that could result in creating several legitimate drugs independent of other compounds or toxins. I just don't think it's as simple as saying "weed is bad, mmmkay?"

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It's very difficult to control for chemical contents in plants. Variables include:

  • access to light (two plants of the same species will have different chemical makeups depending on if they were grown indoors/outdoors/in shade/in full sun/etc
  • access to water (were they dehydrated? overhydrated?) as well as the chemical makeup of the water itself (was it tap water? spring water? rain water? ground water? Were there additives to enhance the plants' chemical makeup at all?)
  • soil quality (were they fertilized? Was it potted plant soil? Were they grown in clay? sandy soil? etc) and its nutrient makeup

and others that I'm surely forgetting. Then we can add on the fact that what a dealer says that you're getting may or may not actually be what you're getting. So what studies show in the lab about cannaboids in the test tube (which is how these studies are done) will not be the same as you going out and smoking a joint. 
Which is why even medicines that are synthesized from plants (coumadin from cumin, aspirin from willow bark, etc) are synthesized rather than having fields of cumin or willow from which to harvest those drugs. 

So, yes, drug laws and prohibitions come into effect here (can't work on synthesizing cannaboids for science without risking losing your ability to stay out of prison) but in the mean time is it worth risking psychosis for? I doubt it. There are a fair few folks that I've met who regret losing their sanity to various drugs. They're not worth it. A high doesn't last for longer than a few hours, but psychosis can affect the rest of your life. Ultimately it's up to each of us as individuals to choose if the gamble is worth it, but if you're on the fence, then no. I doubt that it's worth it.

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It depends.....If your not smoking medical which is the best than chances are your getting it from mexico......Who knows what they put in it.....My psychosis started from a combination of drugs but since I steer clear of meth and other hardcore drugs....Pot will pop up sometimes and if I smoke it I get very paranoid and my thoughts just race.....I have residue from all the anxiety it produces so it's your best bet that if a MI runs in your family than it may draw it out at some point.

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