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*hands ray of sunshine magic bullet*

not working? dang.


i wish i knew the reasons why ovulating was such a bitch for you, and how to overcome it. unfortunately i don't, and event if i did - i'm no doctor.

all i can say is that it's really important to take care of yourself - i get the feeling that there's a lot going on - with having a son, a MI, and hell knows what else.

so...some nourishing food that serves you, raising a sweat, time out.... we all hear this stuff, but doing it can often be another matter. (ask me how i know!).


good luck, and take care.

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I don't have this problem when I ovulate, I do have terrible PMS of the whacking people over the head with a cast iron frying pan variety. I also feel overwhelmed the whole week beforehand, I can't cope, everything gets on my nerves. I feel your pain. Hang in there.

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