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I am currently on 20 mg of Zyprexa and 1500 mg of Depakote, and I see my Nurse Practitioner tomorrow and plan to bring up wanting to switch meds. I am gaining weight rapidly on this combination and also sleeping most the day away. As far as antipsychotics, I have been on Risperdal and Invega (with both had weight gain, stopped periods, and lactation), Geodon (worked until I used drugs, which I do not do anymore, and then did not work), Zyprexa (makes me gain A LOT of weight and sleep all day), Seroquel XR (makes me gain weight and sleep all day), Haldol (caused weight gain, did not control mood symptoms, caused my periods to stop, and caused lactation), and Abilify (my favorite medication I have tried since took care of my mood, psychosis, and was not sedating).


I want to just switch back to Abilify, but I tried this last summer, the Abilify did not work after giving it two months, and I ended up in the hospital and put back on Haldol. The only reason I went off of the Abilify in 2009 was that I thought I did not need meds anymore, which I now know is not the case.


Why would the Abilify work so well the other two times I was on it and not this last time? The only difference I can think of was that when I switched from Risperdal the first two times, we did a slow weaning process with the Risperdal while increasing the Abilify, and this last summer my doctor abruptly pulled me off of my 600mg Seroquel XR while adding the Abilify. Like one day Seroquel, next day Abilify. Then when I quickly became symptomatic, he kept raising the dose of the Abilify, but to no avail. Could this be the reason the Abilify did not work? I want to try it again the right way since I loved that med so much, but my nurse might think it is too risky given my last experience.


Also, what meds would you recommend I bring up that are not known as weight gainers, and not too sedating, as I sleep all day with sedating meds. How are Saphris and Latuda? My diagnosis is Bipolar 1 with psychotic features. I get depressed, manic, and mixed episodes.


I have tried adding Topamax to counteract weight gain, and I had horrible side effects from it and could not take it any longer.


Thanks! =)



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I like Latuda, it's one of the two meds I credit to giving me back control of my life. I do find it sedating when I take it (at night) but I don't find it makes me tired during the day at all. I think it's weight neutral, I haven't noticed any weight gain from it.

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Well, I don't have psychosis, I'm on Latuda for bipolar depression, but when I was discussing with my pdoc which med to try next (when we were tweaking my cocktail) I wanted to try abilify because I was still having depression. I was already on the Latuda (we increased my dosage and added an antidepresssant), she said she wouldn't put me on abilify with latuda because they were too similar, so maybe Latuda would be good for you. I've been on it for 2 years and haven't gained an ounce. When I was first put on it, it made me immediately sleepy, so I had to take it at bed (and you MUST take it with 350 calories), but after being on it a while, it takes a couple of hours now before I get sleepy, but it doesn't make me sleepy during the day, just helps get me to bed.

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Thanks for answering my question melissaw72. I am a bit reticent about trying it again since it did not work last time. Seems a bit risky. But on the other hand, it may be worth a shot.


You're welcome :)  I can understand the hesitation and it being risky.  I've had those feelings also when starting a medication.  But I do give it a try if nothing else seems to be helping.  I figure trying something can't hurt unless you know for sure you can't tolerate it.

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