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I grew up un diagnosed (I personally knew my issue) and raised by a PTSD dad and schicophrenic mom. I became official at 25. I'm almost 35 now and have a 19 month old son that I love and "hide my illness" from (that's super hard I'm under stress) I am on disability and Medicare I'm paying for and can't afford to use. I keep getting denied for medicaid I'm supporting 3 ppl on $45 bucks a month after bills and rent. I've been hospitalized once, I'm in medicated again because I'm poor (and being screwed over in Nevada) I'm as I'm typing this in an episode, regretting parenthood, relationship and life (I'm not in danger just being sarcastically honest) I'm a seasoned bipolar 2 pro that also has SAD and was diagnosed with basically never being able to feel or understand happy ness.

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Welcome to Crazyboards.   I always ask new members to read the User Agreement:  I hope you did that when you signed up.


It's really difficult to be disabled and unemployed in this country---no argument there.  I hope we can offer you some encouragement and moral support.



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Hi and welcome.  I have a 22 month old daughter that I "hide" my illness from too.  I have guilt all the time about her seeing me during episodes, that she will remember.  But she is the light of my life.  I just applied for disability, we'll see how that goes.  Anyway, just wanted to say hello :)

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