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overweight laxative abuser

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I'm pretty fat. 211. But I've on and off abused laxatives over the years. Pills and.teas. I'm.s compulsive over eater and def not ana or mia and have no desire to be. I'm 32. I enjoy the empty feeling it gives me. I know how dangerous it is and it doesn't really help me lose weight, butt after I binge popping 4 laxies makes me feel beret

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I see you are new, welcome to CB!

I don't mean to sound like a bitch but I have a problem when people refer to ED's as 'ana' or 'mia', I don't like the personifying aspect.  Nobody wants to have an eating disorder.


It must be hard to hide laxative abuse. I think you are well aware logically that it does not work, on any level, and especially not for your mental health. Everyone has times when they feel like they have binged, sometimes it's your body crying out for some nutrition especially if you haven't been eating well. Other times people can binge to numb themselves out. 


Instead of taking laxatives you need to find a healthy way to deal with a 'binge'. I suggest drinking enough water, taking it easy, rest if you have to and to continue eating normally the rest of the day. Don't fast thinking that will help, it doesn't and for some people that can trigger a whole binge / starve cycle. Maybe get out and do some exercise with your kids? not trying to burn food off, but because exercise might help you feel better. 

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Thanks 0ranges, I hate the "ana", "mia" thing. Sorry.


Laxative abuse is the pits. I did it for a while, it's awful.


You lose water weight and your electrolytes, especially potassium. Not good for you. You don't lose "real" weight, by then its already digested. I know you don't want a lecture. I've had low potassium, you feel terrible. I'd hate for you to feel that way.


You can end up with low potassium, bad for the heart. Have you seen a dietitian or someone who deals with eating disorders? What about eating more high fiber foods, smoothies and stuff, and cutting the laxatives down gradually? The greener the food, the better. Colourful veggies and fruits, too. Berries are wonderful for you and full of great stuff. Cram 'em into a smoothie with Activia, it'll help regulate, and taste a lot better. 


4 a day isn't horrific, it's bad, though. It could be worse, I'd hate for that to happen to you. Try to get it under control before it does get worse. There are healthier ways to lose weight, and I'd hate to see you struggle with a severe eating disorder. Best wishes. If you start feeling week, or your heart feels odd, see a professional immediately.

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