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It is hard when society doesn't accept your illness, but if you accepted it yourself and you can give yourself a 'thumb up'. 


Acceptation is essential aspect mentioned in CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy), it doesn't have to come from others like society or friends/parents. If you can accepted yourself it's a big step forward. 

Well done for posting and introducing an issue for most people with BP or BP - SZA or SZA. I think many deal with this issues and thoughts, because of this mental problem. 


An example is 'Vincent van Gogh', he doesn't let his thoughts become owner as fact. He used his positive attitude to stimulated his creativity. But at the end his illness not only drive him to crazy aspect, but also to abusing some strong booze with strong alcohol%.


Some people have been getting stronger with 'Cognitive Behavior Therapy' or 'Therapy' or meditation. Maybe you can? (If possible of course)

Thoughts are not facts, it are thoughts processes from the mind. If you let them go and not go focusing on it... 


+ Meditation is also good for your blood vessels (the muscles around gets relaxing because of the mind is a mediation state)  and lowering blood pressure. People who take medication for BP/BP-SZA/SZA have a higher risk for high blood pressure. 


Best wishes and thumbs up for your trying to change interpretation on thoughts.  :)

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Thank you so much for the replies.


My situation is I am stable now and am doing better than EVER, however, I come back to the fact that these are meds for a mental problem. If the pills were for anything else, I would feel less ashamed. People have been supportive of me, I just feel like sometimes I can overcome and beat this MI without taking a lot of medication. Like I would feel better about the situation if I was only on one medication for anxiety, as that wouldn't make me feel ashamed...but antipsychotics, mood stabilizers...all make me feel terrible inside knowing I take them.


I would do anything not to have these labels slapped on me.

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Yeah it sucks a LOOOOOT. But think about it this way, so many people have problems. So many seemingly perfect people have problems. I bet there is a staggering number of folks on all sorts of crazy meds out there that you meet everyday. Your friends, people in line at the store, business people, world leaders, people who have their shit together, people who don't have their shit together. All kinds of people, not just 'bad' or 'crazy' people have MI.


Some people have mental problems because of trauma and abuse, some have mental problems because they are in a bad situation that seems hopeless, some people have mental problems because of a genetic trait they had no say in whatsoever and can't change it, can only treat it. There is not probably anybody out there that wouldn't benefit from counseling from time to time, and there are a lot of people out there that would benefit from crazy meds from time to time, and maybe permanently too.


You can't change what has been given to you genetically, but you are ahead of the game. You're getting treatment and you're doing something about it. That makes you strong, and smart, and brave. Shitty hand, yeah. Totally. I'm there too. But give yourself credit for trying to make the best out of the crappy situation kay. And don't give up, because you of all people deserve to get the best out of life that there is to be had, maybe even because you have MI and you're doing your hardest. 

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I am feeling better about the situation now thanks to you lovely people who posted on here.

I sat and started thinking deeper as to why I was given the diagnosis, and since I was given the diagnosis along with medications, I have been able to reach a very stable sound mind.


Had I not been diagnosed or treated, I might have not been able to make it as far as I am today.


Viewing my diagnosis as a gift instead of a curse leaves me with a testimony and a determined mind to overcome any obstacle that may come.


Progress, this is a lot of progress.

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