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Medication Changes and Migraines

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I've suffered from chronic migraine my entire adult life and the little buggers are resistant to most medications for some reason (or I end up have an adverse reaction to the meds). When they are bad, they are really bad with an average of 21 - 25 migraines per month; or in sort I have more migraine days than not.


Earlier last year we finally found a routine that at least worked well enough and it brought my migraines down to the 14 - 15 range which while still a lot, was a godsend from before. We did have to tweak the dosages over time, but that was about the best it was going to get. Then my mental health went down the crapper (living with constant chronic pain tends to do that right?) and we've been doing nothing but adding, removing, adjusting, etc. psych meds over the past year. For some reason my body really doesn't like it when we mess with my brain chemistry and now my migraine medication routine is no longer working and my migraines are back up over the 20+ range and worse than ever...


Really can't think of any questions per say, just needed to vent more than anything...

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Have you ever been referred to a pain clinic? Have you heard of Di-hydro-ergotomine infusions (not migranal, this is an intrevaneous version)? Fuck my spelling, I have been migraining all weekend, and my language skills just disappear.


Just out of curiousity, what is your routine? I'm on SSDI for headaches, and it sounds like maybe you have several steps to it? So I'd love to know. I understand if you don't want to tell me, though.


Oh, and just in case you have trouble with migranal, I was in one of the studies for DHE before it came onto the market, and had to actually draw my own shots from a vial, and it was a horrific nightmare, and I was really scared of the inpatient version. In the hospital it was *much* better, and they made a big effort to help with vomiting (I was projectile vomiting pretty much constantly when I was in the study). I was even eating (in a picky way) by the end of the second day. Brutal on your veins, though.


Oh, and have you tried Botox? It really seems to either work like a charm or not at all, and I fall into the not at all category. But there are people on CBs who have had good results.

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