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Applying for disability

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So I think I have created more anxiety for myself but I'm freaking out a little and I don't know where else to go.  Background - I have had like probably 30 jobs in the last ten years, I always end up quitting/leaving because my anxiety and depression get the best of me.  I just recently left a job at the beginning of the month, and had an interview for a new one last week.  While I was waiting to hear back from the job, I applied for disability.  I have never done it before.  It's giving me anxiety it of itself.  It just seems like such a daunting process.  So social security wants me to get my documents in order and send them in and... the lady I interviewed with offered me the job.  Here is the thing.  If I don't get disability, I NEED this job.  But I can't exactly tell her "Oh well I can take it if I get denied by disability".  I kind of have to give her an answer.  And I doubt I am allowed to start working now that I have applied.  I'm just confused and anxious and don't really know what to do.  My husband says accept the job, but I don't want to mess up my chances for disability.  Any advice would be oh so helpful.  I'm sorry this is so rambly. 

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Disability can take a LONG time to get.


If you have any capacity to work without further messing up your health, and you need the money, I suspect it would be good. If your track record holds and you end up not being able to keep this job, it will be another "failed work attempt" that will be in your favor when you apply for disability. If you are able to keep working in this job, then you won't need the disability. It's also possible that if you are working under the allowable income limit, it won't affect your ability to get disability, though I'm not a lawyer so have no idea if that's a fact or just conjecture.


Also seconding what surreal is saying about providers being supportive of your need for disability, and that your difficulties in functioning being well documented in your medical record, keeping all your appointments AND being compliant with treatment recommendations. SSA looks for evidence that you have tried and exhausted your options to remediate your condition.

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I just applied for disability this month as well for Schizophrenia. It is generally a long process for most, I have heard. Do your doctors know you applied? Do they support you applying? Your doctors support will go a long way because your doctor notes and medical records are what help them determine if you're disabled or not. Also your disabilities must cause marked or severe limitations in basic work functions and activities of daily living and this must be documented thoroughly in your medical records. A diagnosis alone won't get you approved. Also, for those applying for disability or already on it, working isn't an option at all...not because they just do not feel like working. You should at least give the job a try. You can still apply and be eligible for disability benefits if you don't make more than the SGA amount which is $1070 a month for 2014. Another important factor is going to all your doctor appointments and making sure you are completely compliant with treatment.

I wish you luck in whatever you decide to do. :)

This has been most helpful and calmed me down enough to make a decision.  I appreciate your reply.  Thank you so much :)

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