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When a girl raises her eyebrows?

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It most likely does mean,you know what, especially because you say she smiled while doing it.Generally people subconsciously raise their eyebrows for a split second, as a way for the eyes to reflect more light, allowing them to get a better look at what they're looking at.It can also mean being surprised or scared but I think the way you're describing it, means she's attracted to you.

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kind of a ridiculous question. girls/women are individuals and you can try getting to know her instead of going off the comments of people you've never met who've never met her to assess the romantic potential of the situation. maybe she just has an expressive face. maybe she's had too much botox and can't control her facial movements. maybe she's smiling and raising her eyebrows to show she's attracted to you. maybe she's attracted to the lady behind you. maybe her smile is a surface one that she's learned to put on when she's uncomfortable and irritated and the eyebrows are giving away her irritation.


if you want to know more about her then get to know her better. you can look up everything and anything about interpreting female body language but its fruitless speculation that can lead to you creating an image of her in your mind that is not realistic.

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Personally, I raise my eyebrows when I'm around someone I like. But I'm not everyone. Like a lot of others have said, every girls has their thing.

Talk to her. Get to know her. See if she does anything else that is flirty.

Or see if she smiles and raises her eyebrows to other people, too.

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I consciously raise my eyebrows when I'm trying to convey "Can you believe this shit?"


I unconsciously raise them when I'm feeling self-conscious (then I realize I have them raised and feel even more self-conscious).


So there's another woman's eyebrow-raising game.


In my experience, men seem to interpret a lot of "signals" from women as flirting that aren't flirting, it's just being polite. I don't really understand why that happens so much the one way but not the other. I kinda think the guys that think that way do so because that's how they operate - they only notice and speak to/with women they want to have sex with, so they assume similar actions by women are the same intent. I'd say 98% or more of the time, it's not.


That's my experience/observations, anyway.

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You know what guys?..that was a pretty grandiose assumption, for me to impose.I may be losing my marbles a little at the moment but I'm just going to go with what I said immediately cause it was just a feeling I had when I read the post the other day.I do realize people raise their eyebrows all the time, for all kinds of different reasons cause, I know I constantly do it too

What I meant to say was that if it was a TRUE "eyebrow flash"-it means someone's attracted.It has to be one of those miniscule speed of light kind of eyebrow raises.The one's that are so easy to miss but impossible to forget.You know what I mean?

Giggly nut-don't take any extreme measures with this girl but I think she probably does likes you. I hope you'll report back to us when that moment happens.Goodluck!

Remember though...don't take me completely serious cause I may be cookoo right now.Haven't had much sleep.

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