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Coming off Zoloft.... Help!

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okay so here's what's going on:


i'm currently on 100mg Zoloft and 300mg Wellbutrin.  i'm a poor college student and i sometimes run out of money to buy my meds, even though i get a considerable discount from my student insurance.  so right now is one of those times.  i haven't been able to buy my Zoloft and have missed about 4 days now...


i know you're not supposed to do this but shit happens and i'm broke.  i probably can't get my meds for another few days.  i still have lots of Wellbutrin, so i'm taking that.  what i want to know is...


do y'all have any info on how to manage these awful withdrawal symptoms????  dizzy, "brain zaps", insomnia, all the things.  i just feel so out of it, having a hard time concentrating, which is not great since i've got school to deal with.  


any advice is greatly appreciated. :)

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hi Jay-


is there any way you could possibly borrow funds from a parent or someone you trust so that you can get your Zoloft?  


as for managing the withdrawal, getting back to your dose of Zoloft ASAP will help you a lot.  what I found helped manage my med withdrawals (no particular order):


-getting good sleep, even if it meant napping mid-day

-eating well

-taking the other meds I was prescribed


I told a couple of my professors that I had to go off a med and it was messing with my ability to do coursework.  I only did that with professors I felt comfortable enough telling about my MI.


I hope that can help

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i went ahead and borrowed some $$$.... i hate to have to ask for it, but i'm seriously going nuts right now.  so i get my meds tomorrow! 


i've found that almost all of my prof's at university are very understanding of mental health issues, and i haven't had any problems so far about asking for necessary accommodations.  i'm registered with our disability services so that helps a lot too.  


thanks for the advice! 

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