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Celebrex, fibromyalgia, bipolar disorder, med sensitivity


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I've been seeing a physiatrist to treat my fibromyalgia- mostly with trigger point injections, which are working- and today he asked me to take Celebrex for three days to see if it helps as well.

I have more often than not had adverse/stupid responses to medication- pretty much whatever can go wrong, does go wrong. So I am leery of trying the Celebrex because I know nothing about it and I can't get in to see my PDOC for a long time. I don't want to go from being basically stable to the loony bin in three short days (it happened with Geodon). Steroid nasal sprays send me into blind rages... Etc.

Anyone with bipolar disorder try Celebrex? Did it affect your moods? Did it help your chronic pain? Thanks!

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I haven't tried Celebrex, but I am currently taking meloxicam, which is another prescription NSAID. I am also treated with trigger point injections for my myofascial pain. The meloxicam helps a lot, it's cheap, and it doesn't irritate my stomach. No mood effects.


NSAIDs can have extremely rare psych side effects, including hallucinations. At least, I know that hallucinations are listed on the PI sheet for ibuprofen. Don't know about Celebrex.

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I take meloxicam (Mobic) also, which is similar to Celebrex. These drugs don't generally mess with ones mind the way steroids can. The main issue is stomach problems like gastritis and ulcers, which can be prevented with a PPI. As long as I take 40mg of Prilosec my stomachs fine. If I don't I have a burning feeling.

Forgot to say, i don't think it helps my pain but it doesn't affect my mood. I take it for back pain from a Schmorl's Node.

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Lyrica dulled some of the background neuropathic pain to a low roar, but it exacerbated the Sjögren's to the point that my body was making NO tears, saliva, or gastric juices. My eyes are still suffered all these years later.


However, as always, YMMV.


It has been a wonderful adjunct drug for more than one person I have met in the rheumatologist's waiting room.


Sylvan, if you trial it, please let us know how  it goes.

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