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Head banging?

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Ok, this one's strange but I'm wondering, if anyone else has done this.When I was a kid (like between the ages of 5ish-12ish) I used to have to bang my head into my pillow, until I fell asleep.I mean like pounding it up & down repeatedly, anywhere from like 10-30 minutes or so.I couldn't fall asleep if I didn't do it.I only stopped cause of the sheer embarrassment of it, if I had to sleep over at a friend's house or something.I gradually weaned myself off of doing it & now I can't even imagine doing something so weird to fall asleep.! Any one ever heard of such a thing?

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I was googling around a little the other day & meant to post but I didn't get around to it.I read that head banging is actually very common in babies.It's a self soothing technique-as strange as that kind of sounds but I guess that makes sense.The only thing that makes it a little different in my case was from what I read babies grow out of it for the most part by age 3.I did it way longer but atleast I kind of understand now. Google is my buddy

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