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I have never felt this tired for as long as I can remember. I started this job about 4 months ago but recently I feel so fatigued. My back is killing me, it is  so uncomfortable. Maybe its because i am sitting at my desk 37.5 hours per week. I find it hard to work towards my targets because they seem so unrealistic. i really do not know what to do except i just told my manager that if she is not happy to find someone else. i am on a contract so she can easily let me go.


i am paranoid schizophrenic. i take 5mg Abilify so its not a lot and it doesn't affect me that much. i hardly feel like i take these meds.

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Maybe you're just physically worn out from the cumulative effects of stress and work? If your psych doc doesn't have any thoughts or suggestions, I would try to see a GP to rule out any possible physical causes. Especially considering the aches and pains you mentioned (though both of these can be symptoms of depression if you think something like that could be happening).  

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