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I think of my psychosis everyday......I was in jail the first two months detoxing and wasting away with no advocate because I wouldn't talk......When I was going thru my psychosis I feared I gave my ex HIV so I told the guard I assume I gave someone HIV and that became a rumor around the jail so i was mess with a treated less than a person.......My psychosis theme involved the CIA, FBI at first. Than it turn into cannibals and zombies........The scary part was I thought the jail was keeping me in there so they could eat me so I was scared to death......I get out and the psychosis lingers for another five months....





I know I have been traumatized by it.....I know the dreams I have of the jail and cannibals and zombies are a symptom of trauma.....I dealt with a dream this morning that shook me to the core and I won't go into it....Everyday, there is not one passing day I don't think about what I went thru in 05......If I smoke pot it draws it out only for a few hours but that's enough to leave me very anxious. I have all the symptoms but what can a doc do for me.....You can't shut you nightmares up and those are the biggest problem I face today...

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Sonic, I want you to know that I split this off and put it as its own thread. It seems to be more about what you're going through than it was helpful to the original question being asked.


I have found that dealing with the trauma has lessened my nightmares a little bit. Maybe this is something that you can address with a tdoc?

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