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Can you take prazosin if you have low blood pressure?

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I am currently at a loss as to what to add to my current regiment to help with my ptsd.  I know prazosin is a medicine that has helped some people, but I have pretty low blood pressure - mostly due to fatigue, and I don't know if its something that I can really add.  People have said they feel dizzy getting up and that worries me.  It is a beta blocker I believe, so the side effect makes sense I was just trying to see how bad a side effect it is

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Prazosin is designed to lower your blood pressure by causing your vasculature to dilate (it's an alpha blocker) so it's likely to lower your blood pressure, despite the fact that the doses used for PTSD are lower than the doses used to treat high blood pressure.


You could still talk to your doctor about whether you'd tolerate a low dose of it, but if you have symptomatic low blood pressure, it might not be a safe option.

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