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People keep telling me I look like I'm extremely tired or stoned/drunk.


Its making me feel really bad about myself/self-conscious. 


I think it is blunted affect, a negative symptom of schizoaffective disorder.


The meds I am on are: Fanapt, Lithium and artane.



Anyone have any similar experiences or advice?

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I have had people say similar things. The most common is when people tell me to smile. I kind of hate that but I've gotten it all my life. I always wondered though, if I'm out in public alone and not talking to anyone why would I smile? I think it would be weird if a person alone had this big grin on their face.

I totally went off topic there and I apologize. Blunted affect/ flat affect is very common in schizophrenia and schizoaffective. Meds can help but most meds work better on the positive symptoms ( hallucinations and delusions) than the negative ones. I am usually not aware when I'm being flat but when someone points it out I am self conscious too.

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