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Abilify and delayed weight gain?

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Wondering if anyone has taken abilify and gained weight but not right away? I've been taking it (very small dose, 2mg) for several months and didn't notice any weight gain or appetite increase that I can remember, and then suddenly I've gained about 10 pounds.


It's possible I just didn't notice (until my pants got too tight, arg!) but it seemed sudden, maybe the last month or two. It's funny because I was losing weight from taking Adderall, and usually had to remind myself to eat enough.


It's possible I've just been eating more... I'm terrible at monitoring anything I do! But just curious if anyone experienced delayed weight gain on it. The only other thing I can think of is I've actually been exercising pretty consistently, which always used to make me more hungry (which is really frustrating)! I'd love to say the extra weight is muscle mass, but my muffin top says otherwise :(

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