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Hi, I've just started taking Klonopin. I'd also like to introduce myself.

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Hi there everyone, my name is Joshua. I'm 30 years old from New York, currently living in Iowa.

I know this may sound strange but about a month ago I started to feel fatigued, generally weak, didn't enjoy anything that I used to love doing. The feeling came and went, which seemed strange to me. I would feel weak, but then feel better when I went out for a 10 mile bike ride. Eventually the frustration of not knowing why I was feeling this way constantly really got to me. I ended up in the emergency room on three separate occasions.

First visit I had an EKG (Which the doctor described as "beautiful") and a chest x-ray done. Both came back clear. I was sent home with the diagnosis of "Anxiety".I started to feel a bit better at first, then It went downhill again. I was on my way to work and the anxiety starting building up. I was terrified that I couldnt make it through work. The second visit to the ER and they did a full blood test and urine test, both of which again came back fine. They sent me home with a diagnosis of "Anxiety". I felt like I had gotten some peace of mind finally. Unfortunately it didnt last long. The very next night I had a prolonged panic attack so bad I was laying in bed shivering and convulsing. I went to the ER a third time. This time though I immediately let them know that It was a full fledged panic attack that brought me there. I was a nervous wreck. I was on the verge of tears while talking to the triage nurse and the regular nurse. Every time someone left the room, I burst into tears.

A behavioral nurse and I discussed what was bothering me, my life and such. I had such a hard time holding it together (Which is to say I didnt). They asked me if I'd like something to calm me down. I shy away from drugs since I overdosed a few times as a teenager (which started a year of panic attacks that I chose not to treat). I'm rambling now, I'll wrap this up.

They gave me Ativan. Within 20 min I felt better, Not only was the anxiety gone but the physical symptoms as well. All in one fell swoop.

A few days later I had an appointment with a doctor who prescribed me Zoloft and Klonopin. Ive been trying to find the right conbination of dosage and times to not make me feel too groggy but not anxious either. I never exceed the 1mg on the bottle. Apart from some lingering anxiety It's like my live has been put in reverse. I feel like I did before I ever started feeling ill. I'm happy for this but I also feel a bit scared and guilty. What happned to me? Why did this happen all of a sudden? I feel like some sort of failure for needing meds. I know this isn't the case. But for someone who has had such tight control over my own little life all of these years, it's taken me aback.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to talking with you all much more.


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Welcome to CB :)



You're right, you're not a failure for needing meds.  By taking them you don't feel like you did when you were in the ER and other times.  It is hard to let go of control, I agree, especially trusting other people (ie psychiatrist) with your life/meds.


It may take a long time to find the right combination of medication, so if you sense things are starting to go down hill, I'd talk to your pdoc (psychiatrist) and maybe get a med tweak.  It sounds though like you are doing a lot better now though.

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You mentioned you had tight control over your life. I would imagine that kind of control produces alot of stress, which might explain it. In my case, too much stress caused me to snap one day, too....By the way, I know I have to ask my psychologist next time I see her but in case you haven't thought of it you might wanna ask how long you have to be on klonopin and what steps to take to taper off of it, if need be. I say this because I was told anti anxiety drugs like klonopin are prescribed to help ease your brain into the antidepressant. And klonopin I read is pretty powerful stuff on your central nervous system...I don't think it's supposed to be taken long term.


Have a good one. 

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I have also been on Klonopin for several years.  As long as you are under a doctor's care, take the medication as prescribed.


I'm sorry that anxiety came to stay with you.  I have a couple of friends that have stories like yours:  they were fine until one day they felt a tightening in the chest and their breathing increased.  Next thing you know, they're having panic attacks.


Are you seeing a therapist?  That might help root out anything that is causing you anxiety.


Best of luck to you.

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Ditto the checking out a tdoc.   My life made some serious changes and the stress (I think) is what started my issues.   I think depression was kind of a background thing that always was there but I found ways to function.   Not that the ways I found were particularly good ones!


I think its vital to give the doctor that prescribes a lot of feedback until you hit something that works.   I'm not a complainer and had to have (At first) a nurse keep running down possible side effects and check off all the stupid junk that was going on.   It took me...   3? different med mixes and a variety of dose changes to get back the enjoying life normally state.  *And not having Anxiety attacks or major meltdowns.  

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Welcome to CrazyBoards, Joshua.


We ask all new users to take a look at the rules (convenient link located in the bottom right hand corner of every page) if you haven't already done so.


Sometimes meds can be the right intervention to get us started down the road to effective anxiety treatment. A lot of people find that when they work with a qualified mental health professional that specializes in treating anxiety they get excellent results and no longer need meds to manage the anxiety. Some people find they do still need meds to manage the anxiety, but that therapy also helps.

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Hello, and welcome. I'm glad you'll be seeing a therapist soon.

I've been taking benzos regularly for 12 years and have not developed an addiction. I've gone up and down and all around in doses.

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