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Aripiprazole/Abilify and compulsive overeating

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I never had problems with compulsive overeating until I started on aripiprazole. Even now that I've been changed to risperidone, I still get binge-eating urges. Things all turned for the worse when I started to take aripiprazole. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Yes, I had that when I went from 10 mg to 15 mg. It pretty much leveled off for me after a couple of months, but in the beginning, I just wanted to eat. I wouldn't call it compulsive, but it removed my inhibitions to eat. Already, I wanted to eat because of the Remeron, but Abilify removed my inhibitions. As I mentioned, that is much better now.


How long has it been since you've been off the aripiprazole? It can take up to a month to fully clear your system.

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