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Hi! I just joined and this place looks really cool.  :)


Anyway, 2 months ago I had what the psychiatrist said was a mixed episode and was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 at the hospital. I was put on 1000mg of depakote, which made me sleep half the day away, eat everything, and also made me feel slightly dizzy. Not really dizzy, but lethargic, in a weird way. It zombified me and I had trouble concentrating, which was perfect for the exams I had to take, then I got depressed (this is around 3 weeks after starting). 


Okay, 2 weeks ago I went to another psychiatrist and he upped my depakote to 1500mg. I had told him how it made me feel then, but the semester had just started (I'm taking 15 credits) and I was feeling waaay better (actually I was probably hypomanic), and he didn't want to change things up. 


NOW the depakote is making me almost incapacitated, like I felt when I had mono at the start of last semester. I feel depressed, but it's over the fact that I can't concentrate on ANYTHING. Ugh. All my thoughts are slower - is this what you guys mean by feeling "flat"?  :wall: I've also gained 8 lbs or so since starting.


I suppose I should call him, but we have this 3 day weekend and I don't know what the protocol is. Will things possibly get better on depakote? I mean, I have another appointment in 3 weeks, and he recommended trying lamictal so that's what I'd probably switch to, but I don't want to make an unnecessary switch. 


Just looking for advice since I'm new to this whole thing with sorting through meds and balancing real life - I'm currently a week behind in school work but it's not that bad yet. I'm still skeptical about whether I'm bipolar, but it seems to be pretty clear.  Also, I love the smilies.  :f4free:

Sorry for writing a novel, too. 

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