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MLK Jr Ended the Terror of Life in the South

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Tomorrow is MLK Jr Day in the United States.  I read a very amazing article today on the Daily Kos that articulates many of my feelings why we owe a great national debt to MLK Jr.


Most of you have no idea what MLK Jr Actually Did 


I'm a rebel.  I can be a very big bitch.  I've gotten into arguments, even with people I respect and admire greatly, about casual uses of words that have very long and dark histories.  I consider myself a radical, I consider myself someone who breaks barriers down and who tries to listen but does not back down, but that is nothing compared to what MLK Jr did.


Thank you, Dr King.  Partially because of you, in 1978 my parents were able to get married, even though one of them is not white.  Partially because of you, we were able to go to Disneyworld when I was 16.  I know that sounds silly, and petty, but because my father lived through similar racial terrorism in South America he refused to go to southern United States until I was that old.  It sounds ridiculous, but he was that terrified of being humiliated in front of his children and wife.  He didn't believe that relations between races could ever be different, that he would ever have the ability to merely talk to someone of any color in those areas without possibly being arrested or killed for it.


He passed that fear on to me, the only child of his that doesn't look white.  So when I say I want to break barriers, that is what I mean.  I mean that Martin Luther King Jr has inspired me, that what Malcolm X, what bell hooks, what James Farmer, what Francisco Miranda, what Ghandi have done for me is tell me that being a person of color does not mean being lesser.


Thank you, sir.  I will always be grateful for your courage.

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