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I just started my super intense winter semester which I am trying to manage on top of super low self esteem, anxiety, ocd and this stupid weird psychosis that nobody can figure out or help me fix. I'm really really overwhelmed and frustrated. Im living with my parents and sibling but they're irratated with me because I'm always so grouchy because I'm so stressed. My school schedule is so busy I haven't seen my therapist in a few weeks. My friends are at other colleges in other states. I just am feeling yucky and alone and my clases make me feel like an idiot and I feel super gross and unlovable. I just started having super intense anxiety about driving and can barely get int he car without having a full blown panic attack. I've been trying meds that don't work and make me fat and foggy and dizzy for the past 4 years and am getting really tired of them but my docs get angry when I don't want to take them. My one parent who knows whats going on seems to think I'm less rational/capable of feeling appropriate emotions because I'm nuts and while that parent is trying to be nice/help I feel like it's obvious they think Im handicapped or impaired or something

 I'm just feeling super down and I need a hug really bad.  

sorry for the downer post - you guys just are usually pretty comforting.

Also how do you deal with all this stuff and jobs and school and stuff? It's just so hard to do!

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Here is an e-hug for you! (o)


I don't work or study anymore, so that's how I cope. I am happy just looking after myself, my place, my pet, and my mental health.


Everyone is different. I did a postgraduate degree and that was hard but I got through it day by day, I hope you take it slow and get through it okay :)

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I think you need to slow down on every level and take time for yourself. Do you get drained by people and energised by time spent alone or is it the other way around? If the former is true use time exercising, being close to nature or just watching dvds/movies by yourself to recharge your batteries. Schedule social events once or twice a week ahead of time to make sure you have time for your health related appointments. They may seem like chores and friends are more fun but it is important to keep your symptoms under wraps with help from professionals. Chose only the people who truly make you feel good about yourself to hang out with. This may require some soul-searching on your part.

Prioritise goals (both professional, study and social), set realistic stepping stones to achieving them (google "goal setting" for more tips) and start a plan for getting your work done when it's due. I know how it is juggling two jobs with study and fitting time in for family friends and bf. it's a lot to take on board and I've found the wrong approach is to "think of everything at once" and squash in your head everything you want to do/achieve. Work on getting the right approach - filter out the noise and FOCUS ON ONE THING AT A TIME. Sorry for shouting but I think it's a very important part of my message.

Finally I'm sorry you feel so uncomfortable in your classes. Try and feel more positive about what you might get out of them - learning, personal growth and try to appreciate you're all there for similar reasons and all in the same boat of struggling to connect with one an other. If you have a counsellor this would be a good thing you could talk about because you could get to the root of what is holding you back from getting the most out of classes.

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