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Tips on Healing ASAP

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Ok, last night, I SI'ed. In 6 days, my family might take me to try on brides maid's dresses for my sibling's wedding. This means that I might have only 6 days to heal. :/ I am scared to death. If my mom founds out what I did, she will SCREAM at me. My parents don't know I did it. I can NOT let my parents find out about this. It happened yesterday, so, I already have one day of healing completed.


So, here is my question......do any of you have tips for quickly healing wounds? If I can't heal nearly completely within a week, do any of you know about make-up or something to maybe cover it up? I know nothing about make-up. 


I am scared and angry at myself for doing this now of all times. I was in a panic last night over a family fight, which is why I SI'ed. 


Maybe I can fake a stomach bug if worse comes to worse to delay trying on dresses for another week. 

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Yikes. Weddings can be so stressful, even if you're only tangentially related to it! It's really unfortunate that you got so overwhelmed.

Depending on where it is you could just cover it up and say that you got a spider bite?

I use vitamin E for healing, but I like to wait for it to have healed on its own for a few days first.

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It depends on what kind of wound it is. If they're cuts or abrasions, keep them moist and covered. If they're deep, and it's been fewer than eight hours, you might consider steri strips. Having the edges of any cuts lined up and close together will help them heal quickly and scar less. I use the grain of rice rule: if the cut is wide enough at the widest point that I can lay a grain of white rice across it without lapsing over the edges, or if the cut is deep enough that a grain of white rice disappears in the cut if I hold the edges together, it needs attention. Of course, if you can see fat or anything beneath, it needs to be seen.

If it's a thermal or chemical burn, I'm not much good, but the Mayo clinic website has good first aid tips.

Regardless, keeping it well cared for will help it heal quicker.

Never ever use makeup on an open wound. Having foreign matter in a wound can cause healing to slow, or even cause infection.

Edit: I've used the "it's some kind of bug bite" excuse before. I've also used the "I fell and scraped myself" for a larger area.

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Thank you for the help and responses. I didn't want to get into too much detail because I don't want to trigger anyone. I'll just say I have 20 "lines" on my upper arm. I wish I could say it is a bug bite. 


I will try the vitamin E and I have been keeping it covered with ointment on it. 


I will just hope that this saturday my family does not end up dress hopping. If they do and my wounds are not gone, I will fake a stomach bug. That should work pretty well, I hope. 


I really appreciate your input. I am taking the advice and using it. 

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I've used things like healing neosporin and covered them with band aids. Seems to help. Sorry that SI has taken away this experience but it's understandable. My parents just found out. I've kept it from them and they totally freaked. It's difficult to deal with so I get not wanting them to know or see. I hope you find your solution and it works out for you.

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