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Some bipolar people that did/do fitness (GYM)?

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Are there some people that have bipolar and did/do fitness like weight training in a GYM?


I have done it (weight training) for 4 years at a GYM when I was more stable.


I remember a day that there where photo models in the gym and 3 bodyguards for making pictures of a magazine. They were laughing with me and my friend when we were training, because we are all skinny on first side. Then I did as action->reaction I taken a dumbbell with 25 kg, 2 of the 3 bodyguards wanted to intimidate us so did did it also, but they almost fell on the ground with it. Now my friend and I where laughing, then they were gone fast.   :lol:

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I do resistance training but I'm an old fat woman who really doesn't fit into the 1/2 mile from the expensive college crowd.  However, I could at any time snap one of those 80 lb sorority girls in half if I wanted to.  Also, I have shoes older than most of them.  


The only thing I envy everyone else is the cardio stuff.  I totally can't run, walk fast, or do the elliptical for more than 10 minutes without having an all out panic attack and if I took something before hand, I'd probably just turn around and go home.  Otherwise I love feeling strong.  Tdoc says that's a PTSD thing.  I don't analyze it.  

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