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Delusion: A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence.


My question is; Is it possible to have delusions while hypomanic?

Or is it solely a symptom of a manic episode?

From what I've researched I could not find anything regarding a hypomanic delusion,

only manic delusions and psychosis.

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I guess it depends on how people are looking at it. The definition you give is very vague and unclear. What is psychotic and potentially dangerous and what is just a common superstition or religious belief? Where do people draw the line?


Even the most normal of normal human beings can have strong beliefs that are largely discredited by invalidating evidence. I guess, for example, you could think of it as believing in angels versus thinking you are an angel. One belief is something lots of people hold dear as a positive element in their life, the other is something that is going to disrupt the believer's life in potentially devastating ways. Neither belief has science to back it up saying this is true, here's all the evidence...  but one is commonplace and generally harmless, the other is a potential threat to a person's life and a gateway to worsening symptoms if they are not treated for it quickly.


Just my thoughts on things. Opinion only.

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I personally think it is possible when you by example have been manic and there where delusions, but the episode is tempering off tot hypomanic and brain needs to recover...  


If the delusions are more looking like them from schizophrenics and you have manic episodes (apart from each other), then I would think off Schizoaffective disorder - bipolar type.


If your psychotic, you need to look back in history too the mood. Was your mood elevated? Do the psychotic symptoms have a correlation like delusions of grandeur even the mood isn't elevated? 


A mood flow+ diary tracking your mood and day things, can making a big difference getting a right diagnose and treatment. 




I have read a case, where a young men was admitted in a hospital for 10 years with 'schizophrenia'. Parents did take patient away there and ask a second opinion in another psychiatric hospital. New pdoc there did a good analyse and put a new diagnoses on the patient 'manic-depression' and 'high-gifted'. Patient his anti psychotics where stopped, patient was putted on mood stabilizer (Lithium). After 2 years patient did work again in the society. Patient was stable for 3 years, then one hypomanic episode, medication was changed. Then patient was stable for min. 12 years or at the moment longer.

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