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Hello all.


I found this place because i struggle with a pretty debilitating form of bipolar 1. It might open my eyes up to come here and see how other people are dealing with bipolar and other illnesses that are disruptive to basic functioning. 


About me... I am an artist slowly chipping away at a postgraduate degree. I am pretty reclusive and live tucked away in the countryside on a little patch of land with a nice view. I live with my husband at his mother's house because he is studying as well with a hope to work with computers. The two of them are huge blessings to me as I could never hope to have such a nurturing loving relationship with anyone in my own family. They are more family to me than all my blood relatives combined.


What else...I have three cats and I don't much like kids. I live a quiet life doing research on things I love and I volunteer at a museum once a week which has an endless supply of non-digital content to fuel my research.


I can't think of much else interesting to say about myself. I am terribly secretive about my artwork and I can't tell people much about it or show it because I can't have them cursing the flow of ideas until an idea is fully realised (and that takes a long, long time).


I hope these boards are kind to me. I am pretty much an epic fail at real socialisation, but I sometimes fare bit better online.


Thanks for reading. 

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Hi, saintalto and welcome to Crazyboards.


This is indeed a supportive group, although we aren't the huggy types.  heh  If you haven't read the rules, you might want to do that so you get a feel for how we operate.  There's a link on the right-hand side of the bottom of the page.


Don't feel that you have to show anyone your art work.  We believe in being anonymous here, if that's your choice.  Let us know if anyone asks you questions about where you live or what you do, because we really want each member to decide how much information they are willing to give out.


We are a crazy bunch here, but pretty nice most of the time.  People are brutally honest, but that's better than tip-toeing around the issue.


Let us know if we can help you with anything.



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