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Not sure where to put this: EFT Tapping.

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So, my Mum put me onto this when we were discussing techniques for getting out of a panic attack. I thought it was a bit hokey, but gave it a go. It seems to work, im not sure if because it actually redirects energy around the body or because it focuses your mind on something other than the panic, but i figured i'd share anyway.



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Eft helped me tremendously!  I got over my ex by doing it & I was devastasted about him for a year and a half.I tapped on the feelings I had for about 45 minutes & I swear-instantaniously-I was completely neutral about him.It was a miracle cure for me.I am planning to try to do eft to make me eat foods I don't like.

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I wanted to add that eft is a technique that was created by a psychologis/psychiatrist (always get those confused) and it's based on the ancient practice of using your meridian points by the process of acupressure (like accupuncture but no needles) You tap on those energy points & say out loud your thoughts & feelings which I guess does unblock those negative feelings/thoughts while you acknowledge them.I think it's like therapy on steriods & I hope more mental health professionals start to use it.

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(moving this to the alternative treatment section)



Emotional Freedom Technique = tapping


Emotion Focused Therapy = the other EFT



I found EFT to be helpful in reducing my general anxiety level, but not really helpful for specific things. I suspect other people might have different experiences because I was dealing with a really major and impactful trauma that was hard to get traction around for a long time. EFT helped me to reduce my baseline anxiety about being IN therapy while I was in the room so that I could stay more present without dissociating as much.


ETA: This is the link to all the original EFT stuff. It used to be the case that you could get DVDs for free. It looks like you can watch many of them on line now. But there is definitely a monetization aspect that is more prominent now than 10 years ago.

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