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Valentine's Day

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Men and St. Valentine's Day.


Many months ago I had a Gibson guitar reserved for Flash. Shortly before coming to my current location I paid it off and requested it be delivered on or around February 14.


He is still my best friend and my champion although the rest of our relationship is on hold...


I am soooooooo excited for him to get this token of my love and appreciation.

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Oh I must be boring. All I do is make dinner! 

This year, though, he's buying me a book! :) It'll either be a cookbook (how else does my simple lady-brain know how to make dinner?) or a knitting book. 

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I bet you like getting flowers too? Surrender your man card and give me all your Opi. *hands you a steak and some generalizations about your gender*


Yes! *sob* I confess! And I have pink knee-high socks!


Oh god, WHY?!


I shake my tiny fist!


Thanks for the steak. :)

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My husband and I are going to be in the area of a sushi restaurant we like so we are going to eat there for lunch on Valentine's day.  We don't do much for most holidays.  I think he would like the idea of the March 14 one except he doesn't eat steak.

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Look, turning a bit girly is a dangerous thing to consider. Ladies are irrational creatures.




Shit. Here I thought my cognitive dulling was due to taking Lamictal and being a bit schizo. This defect is more insidious than I thought. :unsure:

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feb 14- valentines day for women

march 14- steak and blow job day for men

google if you don't believe me



Have we mentioned Steak and Blowjob day on March the 14th? Or the Japanese concept of white day?



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Uh oh...Can lamb stew be an okay substitute?  heh  Baboo doesn't eat steak, anyway, so it will have to do.


I'll take care of the rest. *wink*



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