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How to stop tics/teeth grinding

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I wasn't sure where to put this but it seems to be anxiety related for me so I am putting it in here. I'm wondering if anyone has any good advice for how to stop or reduce tics. I'm currently not in therapy or on any meds, but am in the process of figuring out my new insurance to see what is needed to get into treatment and then looking for a doc. Unfortunately by the time I find a doc it will probably be a few months before they can see me (at least that has been my experience in the past). 


Meanwhile, I have been experiencing a couple different tics, the most common one is tooth grinding/gnashing while awake. I have ground my teeth at night all my life, as far as I know, and I wear a mouth guard at night which seems to help (at least I don't have the headaches in the morning when I wear it). In the last few months I have noticed myself grinding and gnashing during the day as well, and it is starting to make my jaw very tired and by mid-day the headaches start. I know it's horrible for my teeth too. It's also really embarrassing because I know other people can hear it.


I can't really pull off the guard while at work all day, but I would love to find some relief. I need to find a dentist in addition to a pdoc, and maybe they will have some suggestions. But if anyone here has ANY advice for how to stop, or even just do it less, please let me know! It's driving me crazy (crazier, anyway!). Thanks!

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My dentist told me if I knew when I was going to grind my teeth like driving home thru large city traffic, to just wear the nightguard.  Honestly, I'd talk about the meds to someone but also get a dentist or orthodontist to maybe help out with a mouthguard that isn't obtrusive.  You really wouldn't notice mine unless I was talking or you specifically looked directly in my mouth.  It looks like an Invisalign braces piece.  It was expensive but my insurance paid for it since there's a certain amount for dental appliances.  Of course, I had to hope for no crowns for the rest of the year but it worked out.  I think it was like 300 or so.

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