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First off, I have to explain that I am currently a post graduate student doing my masters in visual arts. As such, my research is of a visual nature in its final format. There is a long history of reading and writing about medical history behind all my artwork, however, and all that writing and reading is what leads up to my finished works. 
These images are of abandoned asylums from around 2009. I did a large series of these during my BFA. There are 30 or more works in total and they are fairly large canvases. These four are some of my favourites.
I am currently working on another project for my masters that I am very secretive about. It is hugely different from what you see here. I might share some of it when it is finished because mental health, in regards to its history, will undoubtedly play a part. 
I will also have to dig up my articles because i raid the medical databases on a regular basis and I have a medical history treasure trove of articles, books, images, videos etc...


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Cool.  The one of the hallway reminds me a bit of some of Anselem Kiefer's work.  


Good luck on your MFA.  I'm working on the same degree myself.  Mental health influenced my work but less directly than with yours I think.  I'd be interested in seeing your current work!  

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Cool.  The one of the hallway reminds me a bit of some of Anselem Kiefer's work.  


Good luck on your MFA.  I'm working on the same degree myself.  Mental health influenced my work but less directly than with yours I think.  I'd be interested in seeing your current work!  


What are you studying? Are you doing a thesis? I'm doing a practice based masters with an exegesis instead of a thesis. I could have chosen to do a thesis for the same degree instead, but I was partial to doing more artwork than writing. 


As for my work and my illness, they are not connected in any way. I don't like painting about myself because besides my illness, I have a quiet and normal life with little in it to inspire a work of art, much less a series. I find myself boring. My subject of choice is historical subjects, usually medical in nature. I have been fascinated by medical history since I was a kid, and it never went away. I find that mental illness as a subject has a fascinating history to read about and put into work, and that is what lead to these works.

Very nice!



I appreciate these, thanks for sharing your work.



wow....these are amazing. I love them. thanks for posting for us to see.


Thanks to you all, I feel kind of lame just posting the art, but I was too lazy to dig out the hard drive and go fishing for the research behind them. 

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