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fluphenazine/prolixin depot injections

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is anyone else getting prolixin/fluphenazine depot injections?
i don't mean your friend's cousin's neighbor or other bullshit
and i don't mean you like to google shit or think you're some pharma expert despite never having taken it
i mean is anyone else having their fucking ass muscles violated every two to three weeks with fluphenazine injections?
i have for the last several months and
actually i'm not entirely sure for how long
and that's not actually the point
it's more to do with dosage and frequency and voices
anyway, does anyone else get these fucking injections?
cheers x
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ugh. why am i so unsurprised i'm the only one they've frame forced into taking this fucking formaldehyde bullshit that hurts like hell and is just part of their goddamned plan? i  mean that's kinda strange but then totally not because they can just do whatever they want now that they've got legal on their side. they've got me and i'm fucked if i do and inpatient if i don't and it doesn't even matter because it's all happening anyway. just where do i want to be "symptomatic"? at least i stand a chance of not being concluded if i'm not under their thumb in a locked ward.


soz for the venty ...tried to delete most but at any rate thank you so much those who read...i saw there were sixty something viewings or something and i appreciate folks taking the time and reading. take care x

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I was on a similar med, not available in the US, voluntarily, called Piportil.

ETA: It is a depot injection, and I got it 25mg every 2 weeks.. I found it helpful.


Pipotiazine (Piportil), also known as pipothiazine, is a typical antipsychotic of the phenothiazine class[1] used in the United Kingdom and other countries for the treatment of schizophrenia.[2] Its properties are similar to those of chlorpromazine.


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Yes, I had the prolixin injection/shot every 2 weeks for a few months a few years back.  I hated it because the med was in my system and I couldn't do anything about it if I felt too drugged (like at the beginning, the first couple days after the injection) until 2 weeks later, when it wore off.

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way over shared so moved this whole post to my blog

don't need every fucker in the world seeing my dirties


anyway, question roughly was


how long did you manage to be on alternating weeks injections before symptoms started coming back even if compliant


i've been since july at least...prolly more like june...i think

and i'm having increasing "auditory hallucinations" coming out the walls and so forth

but not like, ...i'm not psychotic really, much less florid; i can handle it for now, but it's getting more difficult

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I took prolixin orally - it didn't really do much for me except help me drop some weight

at least I don't think I was on the injection  hell maybe I was and oral   oh hell someone ate my brain


cheers for this...frog friend x


i can't keep them all straight either. i have pills. (EDIT: prolixin pills, i mean...i forget the size...but i know i have at least a full bottle of the green ones. i might have some of the orange ones, too, still.) maybe i'll just add a pill or so. i just don't want to increase the injections. and i'm tired of being tired of switching and combining and blah blah blah... i know you know what i mean. good to see you x

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It was so long ago that I had the prolixin injection that I totally don't remember the dose. But I do remember towards the end of the 2 weeks the symptoms did start returning more until I had my next shot.  Prolixin pills did absolutely nothing for me (for whatever reason), which was why pdoc gave me the injection.

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I know with me and injections that like 3 days before i'm due it all starts disintegrating and my mind goes kaput

maybe I was on the prolixin now that I've been thinking about it  and  also taking oral prolixin at the same time

it worked ok for a while but then I started getting crazier longer  and things were exploding


i'm on saphris right now  5mg twice a day - my pdoc admits that dose won't be enough to manage my psychosis and it's not  right now all it does is leave me feeling a little stoned for a while after I take it

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i took an extra pill last night and am doing a bit better

it's not really fixed though by any stretch

but maybe a green one in addition per night will build up

i think i've sounded loopier since my return

and maybe the addition did help a bit


i hope so 

i need something to go right

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