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SSI waiting game, making MI worse please read.

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So on January 3rd, somebody at my local SS office told me I was approved, this I heard from several people. Then my case was snatched for Quality review, which basically they review my case file and make the final decision- meaning they can overturn an approval or denial. I know I was approved so I hope they agree and not change it to denied.


Anyway, they can have my case for 30-60 days. 30 days is coming up soon, but am worried it may stay there the full 60 days.


My anxiety has worsened since this whole SSI ordeal.


Any tips on how to cope. I have been very impulsive/compulsive about calling almost everyday. I need to stop and let things play out instead of worrying and calling all the time...this whole thing is really messing with me. I have moments where I am so upset I almost just want them to cancel my case all together...that is how much I despise waiting. Plus I feel like they are looking at me through a microscope when conducting such a review. I feel violated.



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I've been in similar situations.


Firstly, it will make you feel desperate because really, no one should have to endure this for their money. It is inhumane and anyone would feel the way you do. There is no perfect or ideal way to 'cope' here, just the way to get through this that is right for you. You have already identified that calling each day is not getting you anywhere in terms of info and is making it worse. Is there anything you can do to manage the anxiety that makes you feel the urge to call? Like:


  • Talking to a friend
  • Journalling
  • Posting here
  • Calling a helpline
  • Having a plan b for when your brain goes to the 'what if' disaster places?

Secondly, the fact that you can't deal with this is in and of itself, evidence that you need financial support because it sounds like this process is making you ill. Often welfare agencies cannot escape the fact that the fastest way to see who is really sick is to see who falls apart during their fucked up draconian processes. They don't do it deliberately maybe, but if you can document the effect this hason your mental health, you can give it as evidence and say 'here, here is a crisis, all evidenced, deny me now, eh?' Not only will you feel a little more justified and in control, but it's a good use of your time. Plus if you see things pin out into crisis, you can see a doctor in time. So keep a little mood chart, or write a short calm note to say that your health is rapidly deteriorating while this review drags on.


As for that, if you want to make noise about this process, do tell your pdoc/tdoc/support worker/carers. Log that ill health. Get it on your records so next time the government want to see how sick you get, it's all there.Right now, you and I are not a powerful enough minority to force the welfare depts to make a kinder, fairer application process. But we can show how this affects us and make it visible so no one can deny it. Fuck having to go through this nonsense.


If it helps to get mad, if you can, get mad. Punch a punchbag. Tear up a bed sheet. Scream and swear in the car with the windows up. Sometimes getting mad helps to take the fear away a bit. You don't deserve to go through this, ditch the pressure to be mature about it and do everything you can for you to stay sane.

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I think I recall reading somewhere that after approval it could take up to 4-6 weeks to actually get your money. So, as frusterating it is, you still have to hang in there for awhile longer.



Hopefully it comes soon. I know how difficult it is to live until SSDI or SSI is approved.

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