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Anti depressant help desperatly needed

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For the past few years i have been having problems finding an anti depressant that works

and doesn't cause side effects. I have spent the last 18 months on the edge of despair, unable to

go out, unable to function and take care of myself, i have been suicidal.


I went to a pdoc in October, and he would just not let me speak, he then wrote to my general docter

stating he doesn't feel that i need to be on any medication, iam currently taking 50mg quatiapine for

anxiety and insomnia. It will be difficult for me to convince my docter that i really do need to be back

on antidepressants, i have been feeling to depressed to go to the docters to tell them how i feel, so

i think they might feel that i don't have any problems, that coupled with what the pdoc said is making me feel like i can't ask for help.


I was put on citalopram in 2005 20mg to start with and a year or so later was increased to 40mg, and it changed my life, i felt well and capable, i then developed PTSD at the end of 2009 and became a bit paranoid that i was being followed, the citalopram then gave me hightened anxiety and paranoia and i was taken of it in 2010.


The Docter then prescribed me sertraline, which caused such bad nausea that i was curled up on the floor, i was then taken of that after 2 weeks, i was then given fluxotine which did nothing for my symptoms so it was discountinued after about five months, i was then given 10mg paroxetine, which i didn't get on with either and landed me in the emergency room.


I can't stand feeling as low as i do, i feel like if i go and see my docter, they won't take me seriously because of what the pdoc said and they will push me into therapy when i feel i need meds and therapy, but i need to be at a stable level with my depression before i even think about therapy. I also have anxiety with panic attacks and i don't want these aggrevated by antidepressants. I had hoped that when i saw the pdoc in October that he would let me talk about medication, as the general docters knoweldge of psych meds is quite limited, im also upset because it took me 4 months to get that appointment with the pdoc.


It will also be difficult to get a general docter appointment, i also am not sure if there is any other meds left for me to try and i'm terrified about the possible side affects.


I also rely on getting a monthly sick note, which i hand into recieved my sickness money, with what the pdoc said in October i feel like my general docter who issues the note does not take me seriously and might even feel like iam faking my illness.

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It sounds like you have been on a single med at a time.  Many people here, myself included, have much better luck with a combination of meds.  I personally am fond of my Lamictal / Wellbutrin combo, and lithium is the next thing that will be added if/when I need it.


When is your next pdoc appointment, and can you find a different pdoc?

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I'd go with remeron. Start at 15mg or 30mg. Good chance it will handle that insomnia problem instantly and maybe dampen the anxiety some right off the bat. It's pretty sedating at first. ESPECIALLY the first night. But it should get better.


Edit: But then I see you have had some Eating disorder issues in the past. One thing about remeron. Its probably going to make you want to eat.  Worth mentioning.

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I can see why you are worried about not being taken seriously etc. Totally. But you have to remember that your GP knows you a lot better than this pdoc. If he has been issuing sickness certificates then he has assessed you as being unwell. Pdocs may be the experts, but gdocs diagnose and treat many, many cases of depression/anxiety. This pdocs opinion is not going suddenly override your gdocs opinion on what's going on with you. I think the most likely outcome is that he will refer you to a different psychiatrist. 


Secondly, you are NOT out of options. Not by far. You've only tried 4 ADs out of the twenty-something available. Also, like someone else said, you haven't tried any combinations. Of course, to try combinations, you really need a pdoc. Most gdocs don't like to prescribe them. 

What I would do, tell your gdoc that the pdoc didn't listen to you and request a referral to a different one. It can take some shopping around, to find someone who you click with.

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I wanted to weight in on Fetzima.


I had a stroke last year, but fortunately I've recovered physically pretty good.  But after the stroke, I started hearing voices, 2 distinct voices.  One was an impulsive voice that was trying to get me to do stuff, like grab my physical therapist's breast, to go up to people and tell them they were fat, call African Americans the n-word, to shop lift, etc.  The other voice was the voice of "reason," and was telling me the consequences of what would happen to me if did these things, but it became super oppressive and bullying.  After 6 months or so of this, I couldn't take it any longer, I almost couldn't cross the street, so I told my doctor, who put me on Lexapro.


Lexapro wasn't really doing the trick, so my therapist told me about a psychiatrist she knew of who had been doing a lot of research into brain waves, and had a data base of brain waves so he could better know what drugs would or wouldn't work for different kinds of mental psychosis.  He said he couldn't do this for me because my brain had been screwed up by the stroke.  But he took me off the Lexapro and put me on Fetzima in December 2013.  I have not had any of the issues that others say they have had, but I started getting depressed in waves. The depression felt like waves of water overcoming me.  So I went back to him, and he added 100 mg/day of a drug called Lemictil.  This shit was very expensive, almost $300 for a month's worth and the insurance wouldn't cover it.  Well after 2 or 3 weeks, I was still feeling horrible, as the Lemictil wasn't taking care of the waves, and the voices felt like they were in a cage with the key in the lock and the door open just waiting for them to come out.  So he dropped the Lemictil; now I'm on 40 mg/day of Fetzima with a very light dose (5 - 10 mg/day) of Dextroamphetamine (Dexadrine).  Fetzima is not super expensive, and the Dexadrine is fairly cheap, but you need a prescription for it every month.  I am doing much better.  Within a couple of hours after I took the dexadrine, if felt like the voices had been packed away and sent to the back warehouse in my brain, like the Ark in the Indiana Jones movie.  I just hope that's where they stay. 


As for the Fetzima, I am happy with it so far, and don't plan on making any changes in the near future.  It's too bad others have had bad reactions to it, because I think it works well.

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I have been dealing with depression/anxiety for roughly 20 years. You name it, I've tried it. Even ECT (big mistake). Anyway, my anxiety has increased dramatically during the last two years. I haven't been able to work, I cried all the time - I've been desperate. The only successful med I've tried is Nardil, but now that I have migraines, the side effects are just too scary. But I told my doctor a month ago I wanted to go back on it. Anything for relief. He wanted me to try some of the new meds first. Finally, roughly two weeks ago, I was put on Fetzima. It has been amazing - Life changing, in fact. I've never had a med work so quickly. I had six anxiety free days. That hasn't happened without the use of benzos (I started taking them when I was 12, so my tolerance is extremely high - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but I have to take well over the recommended dosage if I'm to get any relief from a panic attack.) Some mild anxiety has returned, but I feel like I'm turning a corner. I'm up to 80 mg - the goal is to get me to 140. I've found that exercise really helps the difficulty with sleep. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I want my life back. 

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