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So I have a tdoc, he is just a regular tdoc but I really trust him.


My pdoc said I have OCD (but he's not diagnosing me with that as there's overlap with BP/SZA) and I have had anxiety symptoms for years.  I've had Ativan PRN for ages, though I rarely take it.


Saphris does not manage my anxiety as well as previous AAPs have.


I am starting on a CBT workbook, as pdoc thought that this would be helpful for my OCD-symptoms. 


So I have been very anxious lately.  Probably b/c I've got more psychotic features, though I don't think I'm psychotic.


The part of the CBT workbook I'm at talks about reframing anxious thoughts.  So, that it is your anxiety telling you something, not that that something is true.


Which is eminently reasonable. 




I don't have anything that I am MENTALLY anxious about.  I tend to be more anxious about going to work, but I actually like the people I work with, am doing really well, and had a really productive day.  Tomorrow will be fun, I'll have an easy morning and then as a reward for winning a food bank donations challenge we are going to the movies. 


Life is, while not perfect, going along pretty alright.


But I feel like my chest is being crushed.  I know it's anxiety.  A year ago I was constantly dizzy and had tests run but nothing - taking one Ativan didn't help, but I started taking them 2X/day every day for a week and after 5 weeks of dizziness it went away.  But it was a shot in the dark, because I wasn't anxious about anything.


Does this ring a bell with anyone?  I'm going to talk to my therapist but am frustrated with my CBT workbook right now.  I'm sure it will be helpful for the OCD, but I thought this was supposed to be good for anxiety too...I don't relate to any of the book so far. 

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