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Ruling out Bipolar in me

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Wanted some advice.


I have had just 2 periods of mania in the last 7 years.


Would it be true to say, that since I have only been manic twice in the last 7 years that I am probably not bipolar?


I have been depressed a few times too. The two times I was manic was due to a reaction to the medication I was taking at the time. Otherwise I am NEVER manic. I just am asking because I personally believed that a condition for being bipolar was actually having highs and lows on some kind of regular basis. Is this true?

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There are subtypes of bipolar that address the scale and frequency of mania. Having mania brought on by meds might clue a pdoc in that you have that tendency to mania, but if mania is not something you suffer the rest of the time, then there would be no point focsuing treatment on that. It is possible to have a more depressive tyep of bipolar, many of the mood stabilisers such as Liithium and anti convulsant meds work just as well on that depressive type as they do people with than traditional mania/depression presentation. I have hypo manias, only had a couple of big manias my life, some linked to SSRI's. Other than that it's been depression most of the way.


In case no one had told you, it also possible to experience a mood state people tend to call mixed, all the doom and despair of depression with the agitation and restlessness of mania. Some people who never identify as being manic have periods of being intensely dysphoric, angry and unable to be calm, which have all the energy of mania and none of the typical 'euphoria' ascribed to it.


In any case, a psychiatrist would be the best person to tell you and also to decide whether treating depression ought to be your focus.

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My understanding is that having bipolar is like having diabetes.  Even if it's well managed, due to medications, way of life or whatever, you still have diabetes because there's no cure.  Even people who say they've been cured by losing weight aren't really cured.  They are in remission diabetics.  From what my docs have told me, that's exactly how bipolar works.  You could possibly have years and years of great mood and be in "remission" but that can end.  

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