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social phobia and DBT

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I have a serious problem and I am wondering if anyone else has dealt with this. I am starting DBT to help deal with my bipolar disorder. I think it is a good fit for me except for one thing. I have to do a DBT skills group which means people in my personal space, yammering on about their lives, and a huge pressure to share tidbits of my personal life with the group. I can't hardly function in this scenario due to my social anxietyintroversion. I went once and I was almost sick. Anybody have any ideas on what to do in this situation? My therapist won't see me unless I do the skills group and I really don't want to switch therapists...

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thats a bind, how many days is it? my pdoc made me go to a 5 day a week php program so i could get used to social situations but i had a freak out in group because everyone was looking at me. my anxiety and paranoia was skyrocketing that whole time and now that i dont go outside i feel better but im also not learning anything. my pdoc didnt want me freaking out so i didnt have to stay as long as other clients. i wore sunglasses to help and i took silly putty with me to distract and calm myself. i guess exposure is supposed to help anxiety though. good luck, give it a try, if it doesnt get easier in a week ask to go for less time.

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I only had to go for two and a half hours every week. I went for a month but had to quit because of the issues I mentioned. It was making everything worse for me. I think I worked things out with my therapist so that he'll keep seeing me but I don't know for sure. At some point I just had to protect myself and stop worrying about my therapist' s threats.

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