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rarity of hearing voices

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I wonder that if a person hears voices 24/7, then their diagnosis might change to schizoaffective disorder.


Mine did, eventually, but it took awhile of having the hallucinations to get the diagnosis.  And pdoc had to make sure the hallucinations weren't drug-induced or anything.  I am not sure what else he based his diagnosis on and how long he was observing me when I saw and talked to him, but it did go from BP to SZA.

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Voice hearing is something that everyone has the potential for. When people without mental illness become starved, stressed, traumatized or tortured, they can hear voices. Many people without diagnoses of psychiatric illness hear voices that cause them no distress. In some cultures voice hearing is held to be part of religious experience. Voice hearing become a symptom when it has a negative impact on someones life, the voices are unwanted, distressing or stop them functioning. Because voice hearing is not a symptom of any specific mental illness, it can feature in just about any psychiatric illness, so you could hear voices and have bipolar. But hearing voices is not a sign you do have bipolar. The amount of time you hear voices is not necessarily a sign of particular illness. If you are having that experience, I imagine it is hard to concentrate and deal with it. I had voice hearing for hours out of every day, it become overwhelming.


Having auditory hallucinations (like hearing voices or sounds that aren't there) that appear as a mood episode (mania/depression) can be a bipolar thing, or you could have a more constant hallucinations that aren't linked to your moods. Sometimes it's hard to say what is happening and having voices bombard you makes that worse.


I really recommend you ask a pdoc. If you don;t have access to one and you feel that the voices are becoming too distressing, please ring your gdoc for help. Some people hear their voices giving them commands and become frightened they feel carry out the commands. Sometimes the commands are to hurt themselves or someone else. If this is going on, please call for help, ring 911 if you have to. Hearing voices, even command voices, is not something people will judge you for and you won't just be locked up and labelled as crazy. But you do need help if that your fear, because feeling as if you might do something like that is a very stressful position to be in.


Please let someone help.

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